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Write Like a Reader

You … yes you, right there, reading this: you are a writer. You have a story to tell, and you are the best person in the world to tell and write that story.


Sign up for a one-on-one virtual writing course and learn to write like a reader: noticing and naming what you react to when you read, and learning to use those same tools to write your own stories.

Courses open to writers from 8 to adult, in three-, five-, or eight-session arcs.

Book now or find out more!

No in-person events currently scheduled.


Drop me a line here to invite me to a reading, or to be a guest of your book group or other organization.


"Susie Berg has learned the art of the heart-twist and how to reveal underlying anxieties, the deeper currents in the blood that flow beneath our dailiness... an unsettling yet cohesive collection."

— Kateri Lanthier, author of the upcoming Siren, from Véhicule Press


"All This Blood folds us into Berg's cyclic experiences, and we instantly see and feel the dynamic wonder of common humanity on display. Her reminiscence is our retrospection."

Michael Fraser, winner of the 2016 CBC Poetry Competition, author of  To Greet Yourself Arising from Tightrope Books


"Susie Berg puts us in a place where the wind blows through familiar rooms. In poems that are playful, yet sharp as blades, she offers up her brave, lyrical sorcery."

— Anne Simpson, Griffin Poetry Prize winner



Background photo © Mason Berg. Author photo © Ian Crysler

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